namie amuro 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA

namie amuro celebrates her 25th ANNIVERSARY DEBUT!
To celebrate this extraordinary occasion, the first round of a 2-day-ONLY live outdoor performance "namie amuro 25th ANNIVERSARY LIVE in OKINAWA" will kick off in her hometown from September 16th (Sat), 2017!!!


Date Venue Open Start Contact
Sep 16th
GINOWAN Sea Side Park
15:00 17:30 Inqure about Ticket
Sep 17th
GINOWAN Sea Side Park
15:00 17:30


JPY 9,800(Tax inclusive)
-All standing/Block designated
-The event will still be held in rain, but might be cancelled with an extreme weather.

About prohibition of resale / transfer

*We will disable all tickets you have and refuse your admission in accordance with Terms and Conditions, if you have discovered (even if there is any reason). Also, if the ticket has been obtained and the exhibition in the act from those illegal site such as “transfer of non-regular route” and "auction (Yahoo! Auction, ticket camp) ", "ticket shop", "scalpers", "SNS (twitter, LINE, Facebook, Instagram)", "site of flee market (melcari)", “over-the-counter”, “regardless of the Internet”, “the person-to-person” we judge that the ticket is for profit.
In addition, we do not refund of the ticket price. Not only discovered the ticket, also disabled rights of admission and unissued winning ticket in the issued ticket of other performances.
*After the fraud is discovered, even if you apply for a ticket, it is judged as an illegal application, it will be excluded from drawing.
We refuse your admission even if the ticket is properly to distribute to after the fraud is discovered.

About ADMISSION on the day of the event

*Please come to the concert with the ticket that is properly distributed from the applicant and the applicant yourself. We refuse your admission if the ticket is not properly distributed from the applicant or if you are not the applicant yourself.
*Please bring your passport or alien registration certificate on the day of the event. (Both the applicant and the accompanying person) We will ask you all (include accompanying person) to show your identification to our members of staff. (For the purpose of preventing resale)
*Do not forget to bring your Passport or alien registration certificate to enter the concert.
*The copy is invalid.
*Please note that you may not be allowed to enter the concert if you cannot identify yourself with your Passport or alien registration certificate.


*Fraud damage has been occurred by illegal buying and selling / transfer activities other than the regular route (ticket board).
*Tickets other than regular routes (ticket board) are not guaranteed to be valid.
*Please buy the ticket only from the regular route (ticket board) to avoid the fraud damage.

Click here for application


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